How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Get Paid [ Step-by-Step ]


Instagram Influencing is the best way to make money from Instagram.

But, the problem is that there is no proper guide on How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Get Paid.

And, this is the reason, today I come with the post to give you complete on Instagram Influencing.

Let’s know how to make money from Instagram Influencing and what are the ways of making money from Instagram Influencing.

Before going ahead in the journey of Instagram Influencing, you must know that what is Instagram Influencer Marketing, How does Instagram Influencer Marketing work, Why Instagram Influencer gets paid.

Let’s get started.

What is Instagram Influencer?

Instagram Influencer is marketing where influencers (specific person) provide content, services to their followers and gain trust and love from them. And, make money from it by influencing their followers to buy services and products to their followers.

As Instagram Influencers first provide the value to their followers, followers have trust on their influencers. And, this makes it easier for influencers to promote a product or services to their followers.

Why Instagram Influencers get paid?

Instagram Influencers have high power to influence their followers to buy any product or services or to do any good work.

And, this is the profitable game for the brands and companies who wants to promote their product directly to the target audience.

But, here it is the important thing that a good Instagram influencer is not judged by his/her number of followers but the engagement, respect, and love they get from his followers.

Because, if a user on Instagram has 10M followers but does not have any engagement, interaction, or respect from followers, there is no profit for the companies and brands to pay these types of users on Instagram.

Because the company wants to make its product a good image that they will get from a good influencer only. No company is going to pay you a single dollar until and unless you don’t have interaction with your followers.

And that is the reason why you need engaging followers on Instagram. Even, if you have 10K followers on Instagram, you can still make a good amount of dollars from your Instagram followers.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencing is something that can pay you thousands of dollars just by posting some amazing posts on your Instagram Profile.

Wait, but it’s not that easy.

Growing your Instagram profile and becoming an Instagram Influencer is not so much easy, it takes lots of time and efforts.

Why not divide the guide of becoming an Instagram Influencer into steps that are easy to read.

Let’s know how to become an Instagram Influencer.

1. Decide Your Niche

The first step of starting your journey as an Instagram Influencer is to decide your niche in which you are going to work.

Before starting your journey as Instagram Influencer, you must know whom you are going to influence.

And, believe me, what most people do they just come on Instagram, keep uploading their random photos and videos, and waiting for having millions of followers on their Instagram Profile.

No, it doesn’t work like this.

Never post different niches photos and videos on the same Instagram Account.

You have to decide your niches like fitness, cooking, fashion, entertainment, cars, quotes, and anything that you like.

Instagram Influencing doesn’t mean just keep uploading photos and videos, it is about influencing the people to do certain works.

Let’s say fitness, when you will be in fitness, you must upload the photos and videos that can influence people to focus on fitness and stay fit.

And, it is important that before influencing other people for fitness, you must be fit and fine. Otherwise, everything will get ruin and no one is going to follow you.

So, choose a niche in which you have to achieve something and you can help other people too to achieve that thing.

2. Create Greate Content

After successfully deciding your niche, it is very important to upload the great content on Instagram.

Few high-quality Instagram Posts are way better than tons of low-quality photos a day.

For creating a high-quality Instagram Posts – you need a good camera that can capture some high quality photos, a good editing software if you edit your photos.

That’s all. You don’t need much.

I can’t suggest a high-quality camera but if you’re total newbie in photo editing and you just want simple edits in your photo.

You must try Canva, a free online photo editing site. It helps you to edit your high-quality photos online with its easy to access tools and features.

Wait, its not end here. You have just create a content.

What about its visibility?

If no one will see your content, there is no benefit of creating great content. The visibility of content is equally important as that of its quality.

You should use relevant hashtags so that it can reach to more audience. Adding a location also increases the reach.

3. Try to Publish Articles on Time

Publishing your post on specific time is one of the most important to get high reach for Instagram Algorithm.

Instagram Algorithm is somewhat different than other social media apps. When you publish a post, after its 2 to 3 hours, the post start getting reach.

So you must publish your post before 2 to 3 hours of the time when you want to publish so that it can reach more audiences.

Since, Instagram is more about chilling and relax rather than professional work. You must post your content some what between 9 to 11 AM and 6 to 9 PM.

All the professional works get end here and this is the most common time for chilling or according to your audience you can change your posting time but try to publish it on specific time.

4. Make Your Profile Look Professional

It is one of the impressive thing for your audience when they first time visit your Instagram Profile.

This trick has already impressed me a lot. And I just love it. It is your Instagram Profile look.

Now, you may be confused what is Instagram Profile Look.

Let me explain.

When you publish photos and videos, it appears on your profile. It looks more impressive and professional when they just appear one below other.

Let me show you.

As you see in the above photo, there are three sections of content.

On the extreme left side of profile, there are tons of quality videos just one below the other. Similarly, in the middle section, there are only casual photos. And in the end, right side, you will some quote that are related to your niche.

Now, this look emphasize your audience to click on your photos, videos and quotes.

Believe me, this single thing will going to impress your first time audience a lot.

5. Don’t Stick on Instagram Only

I know we are talking about Instagram Influencer but it doesn’t mean that we should only focus on the Instgram.

You should use other social platform too.

You must build your image on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and other social media platforms.

It is not needed to create other content for these sites, you can post the same content there too.

It is this simple.

When you get a reach on other social media platforms, it will help you to bring some more audience to your Instagram Profile.

6. Collaborate as Much as You Can

Collaboration is something that has help all the well-known influencers to grow their audience.

Wait, collaboration doesn’t mean only sharing some posts with other Instagram users.

It is about being a real friend with other Instagram users in your niche as well as other niche that your audience like.

When you talk, interview with other people on social media platforms, both users get more audience for their profile.

And, it is more powerful when you collaborate with any other niche person that is a super leader in their niche respectively. Since your niches will be different both of you will get some new audience.

7. Do Brands Promotion That are Related to Only Your Niche

In the end, we all are doing this side hustles for making money. And, we should do this.

But, you should not just go over the money. If you do this, you will start losing the engagement on your Instagram Profile with your followers.

You should on take sponsorships, brands promotion of those products that are somewhere related to your niche.

I have seen many influencers, they promote any products or services whether it is related to their niche or not. And in this way they start losing the engagement and trust with their followers.

8 Tips To Become a Successful Instagram Influencer

To become a successful Instagram Influencer, you need to follow some of the tips that will make you a successful Instagram Influencer.

Let’s know what are those tips.

1. Use a personal profile photo rather than a logo

When a user visits your Instagram profile, your profile picture is the first thing that is seen by a user.

Don’t use Instagram Logo in Instagram Profile

Most newbie influencers use logos, stock images instead of personal profile pic. And, it is the biggest mistake that is done by newbie influencers. Your followers must be connected to you, your face.

Personal Profile build more connection.

Instagram is a personal platform. People use it to see other people know them. And, if you use your personal photo on your Profile Pic, it will outrank you from the crowd and your followers will easily recognize you by seeing your profile photo.

But, when you set a logo on your profile pic, most of the users will recognize you from that logo and not from you and your face. And, this mistake should be done by you.

2. Keep your bio perfect

Your Instagram Bio is your introduction and your bio should be well, maintain, and perfect.

Build Proper Bio.

When your followers go to read your Instagram bio, they should have your proper introduction so that they can understand who are you.

A proper bio includes your real name, your work, your position and goals, your location.

The most important thing that you should mention is your contact details. And, if you are not doing this, believe me, you’re missing a lot of brand promotions.

Now, your followers have a proper image of you how you look, what you do, where do you live, what is your goal.

Don’t include your birth date.

Do not include your birth date in your bio, it is one of the biggest mistake I have seen. Instead of that you can include your social handles because no one is interested in your birth date until and unless you are not a star.

3. Create your Proper Instagram Content Strategy

You must have a reason for your followers to follow you. There are billions of Instagram Accounts on Instagram, you must have a reason that you are the one whom your followers should follow.

Make a Proper Schedule

Create a proper Instagram Content Strategy that will be suitable for your followers. You must decide a time and days when you will upload your Instagram photos.

Upload what your followers want

Focus more on the quality instead of quantity, you must upload high quality photos and not tons of low quality photos a day.

Understand what your followers want to see. You may be confused about what I am saying.

Whether they want your edit photos or natural photos. What they like a modern classy places photoshoot or a photo with a natural background. It is the biggest factor for getting love from your followers.

Because if you upload what your followers want, they are definitely going to follow you and like you. But, if you keep uploading the unwanted photos that your followers don’t want to see, definitely they are going to unfollow or ignore you.

4. Invest More on Your Business and YourSelf

Your look, personality, and equipment are some of the most important factors for the growth of your Instagram profile.

Because more you invest on yourself, your personality and your equipment, more will be the grow of your Instagram Profile. If you will buy a expensive 4K Camera, your photo will be of high quality and that is very good for your account.

No one out there Instagram is interested to see low quality and of no meaning photos. So, it is very important to invest your money in a high quality camera and a good editing software for your photos.

Even, it is proved by my personal research that high-quality photos and videos are more promoted as compared to low quality by Instagram.

You are represented through your Instagram photos, the more you look nice, the more high-quality cameras, backgrounds, and shoot more will be the chances that your audience and followers will like you.

5. Regularly engage with other Instagram users as well as your followers

If you want to love and respect from your followers, you must behave the same with them.

It is very important to behave in a nice manner with them. You should regularly engage with other Instagram users in the same niche your work as well as your followers.

Now, you may be asking a question to yourself, “why should I engage with other Instagram users.”

Let me explain you.

When you interact with other users that are in the same field in which you are, there will be chances that your profile will be seen by more people. More people come to know you, visit your profile.

And this thing will make you popular as well as respectable in your niche. You can collaborate with different people in your niche, some casual talks and this will be profitable for both of you.

Audience Engagement of both of you will be increased.

Other than this, you should also engage with your followers. When some one follow you, comment on your photos, like your photos on Instagram, react them.

This makes more special to your followers and this will encourage them to engage with you. If possible give them shout out when someone does a nice work.

Go live on Instagram, have a QnA sessions with your followers. And trust me, this will really help you to boost your Instagram Profile.

6. Be open and transparent

Now, you are not a normal person, you are influencer who influences people to nice things.

So, it is very important that before influencing other people, you must be open and transparent with your followers. This makes a strong bond between you and your followers.

And increase your power of influencing of your followers.

7. Understand your Audience

One of the biggest factor that is very important but sadly most of you miss or ignore it. Understand your audience, their intent.

Now, you must be confused how to get understand their intent.

Let me explain your this briefly.

Let’s say you starting upload photos and videos on Instagram, you upload some pictures of travel, your any brand shoot, unfilter photos, any traditional photos, casual photos.

Now, you will say that some of the pics will get higher likes and engagements as compared to others. And this is the signal from your followers that they want this type of photos.

And you can easily have a look at your Instagram Account Analytics, once you will create your Instagram Account as a Business Account.

8. Stay Consistent

I know it is very difficult to be consistent on any social platform, until and unless you do not generate tons of dollars from that platform.

But, there are thousands of benefits of being consistent with any platform.

When you keep uploading your photos and videos regularly, you will see that there will be more organic users. It happens because now that social platform comes to know you, your content, and that you do genuine things.

On Instagram, when you start uploading the things regularly, you will see that there are more chances of coming on

11 Ways to Make Money From Instagram as an Instagram Influencer

As an Instagram Influencer, you can make money from different ways on Instagram.

But, to get paid as an Instagram Influencer on Instagram, you need to build trust, engagement with your Instagram followers. To make money on Instagram, you need engaging followers not millions of random followers who don’t even trust you.

Let’s know what are the ways from which you can make money on Instagram.

1. Start Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has great potential for making money online. It’s possible to generate $10,000 only through Affiliate Marketing from Instagram. As an Instagram Influencer, people will trust you and it makes easier for you to promote affiliate products.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

If you promote any product on your Instagram account and when someone will buy that product during the cooking period through the link you have shared, you will get a commission for selling the product. This is how affiliate marketing works.

You can start affiliate marketing on any niche of your page whether it is yoga, fitness, cooking, tech, motivational quotes, side hustles ideas, coding, fashion and lifestyle, car, or about anything in which you are interested.

You can also start a micro-niche affiliate blog and drive traffic to your blog using your Instagram account. It will increase your revenue because you will get sales through organic traffic and Instagram users.

How to find affiliate products?

Next thing is to choose a product, service, or website to affiliate different products. Now, it has two ways, whether you can directly promote any product or sign up on the programs and websites that have a wide variety of products that you can promote and make money from it.

On different niches, there are different products that you can promote. To directly search a product your niche, just type Keyword + Affiliate Program“. For example, Yoga Affiliate Programs.

Best Affiliate Websites

Or if you want to promote products of different niches on websites like Clickbank, Commission Junction (CJ), Amazon Affiliate Program, Walmart Affiliate, Shareasale. Different products of different websites have different commission.

You can review the products on your Instagram page or make a video about that Product and when someone will buy a product through your link, you will get a commission on it.

2. Make Money with Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping is the best method to make money from Instagram online if you have initial money to invest in your business.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you buy products in stock at a low price than normal and then sell that product at a higher price through marketing. And the wholesaler store directly ships the product to your customer.

How to start the business of Dropshipping with Instagram?

With the help of Instagram, you can promote the products that you will buy from any store at a lower price. But, to gain a profit on Instagram, it is very necessary or mandatory to have engaged followers and a niche based Instagram page.

Requirements to start the Business of Dropshipping

To start dropshipping, you need a store or the websites where you can sell dropshipping products. You can directly build a store through WordPress or just use Shopify where you will complete setup to start a Dropshipping store. It also provides the tutorials of starting the dropshipping business.

To start the business of dropshipping, along with the Instagram page, you also need to run the ads on Instagram to boost your sales. For that, you must have knowledge of marketing, running ads on the social platform, and a little bit SEO, so that you can rank your dropshipping store.

Why do most people fail to get success in Dropshipping?

Of course, you can’t promote products at the meme page, no one is going to buy those products because the intention of the users at that page is to get entertain and not to buy any product. So, if you have a niche based Instagram, you can easily promote your product.

Or, if you do not have any Instagram page or you do not have sufficient followers then you can ask for shout out or promotion of your product from the other websites. You can also get sales through the Paid ads on Instagram.

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If you have 10K followers or more than 10K on Instagram, sponsorship is the perfect idea for you to easily make money from Instagram. Most of the big influencers make money through Sponsorship on Instagram.

Why Brands Pay Influencers?

To get Sponsorships on Instagram, you need to make your Instagram account a brand. Post nice content on Instagram, interact with your followers. The chances of getting sponsorships are directly depended on the number of engaging followers you have.

Brands and companies pay influencers to promote their products and services to their followers. Brands only approach those influencers who have a good amount of followers and online reputation. It’s very important for the influencers to properly maintain their Instagram Account.

Brands need to promote their product so that they can generate good sales for their product. Brands will pay only those influencers from whom they can generate sales for them. And when you will post on Instagram promoting their product, they will pay you for that.

How to approach a brand for sponsorship?

Now, there is a problem that how can we get a Sponsorship. If you have a huge number of followers on your Instagram, different brands will automatically contact you. But, if you do not have more followers but have a decent amount of engaging followers, try to contact small brands and there will be chances of getting Sponsorships.

Potential of Sponsorships

It’s not about some dollars, Sponsorship has a great potential of making money, Big influencers like Kylie Jenner gets $1.2million per post, Ariana Grande gets $966,000 per post, Cristiano Ronaldo gets $975,000 for posting a single post on the Instagram.

Of course, you cannot generate this much amount in the initial days but if you focus on the content, your Instagram account, interact with your followers, one day you can also make a good amount of money from Instagram.

4. Selling Your Services

Instagram has more than a billion users, you must use these users to showcase your skills. I have made more than $1000 from Instagram by selling services and skills. It is a great platform to find the clients for selling your services.

Which skills can you sell on Instagram?

You can sell different services on Instagram like Photography, Vector Arts, Making Websites and Apps, Social Media Marketing, Photography. If you have any skills but in search of clients then Instagram is the best platform for you.

To sell your services, create a new account on Instagram, complete your profile. Now, search the people in your niche, for example, if you are making an online website for the business, just go on Instagram and search the businesses like Cafes, Restaurant, Hotel and approach them.

My Personal Method of Making Money by selling services on Instagram

I have personally made more than $1000 from this method. I knew how to make websites for the business. I searched for small businesses that didn’t have websites for their business. And approached the owners of these small businesses and explain to them the importance of having the websites.

And got the first client for in the 30 days that pays me $112 for making their business websites. You can sell something else on Instagram. If you don’t want to approach the people, you can also run ads on Instagram of your services for generating leads.

But, personally, if you directly approach the people, it will not only save your money from advertising but also increases the chances of getting sales. Do this for 90 days, it will absolutely bring something for you.

5. Sell your digital products

Most of the marketers, bloggers, and YouTubers follow this method to make money from Instagram. But, it will only work when you have success in any particular field or know about any particular field. Sell your digital products like ebooks and courses on Instagram.

How to sell your digital products on Instagram?

To sell your digital products, it is very important to explain to your followers how your courses can help them. Show them the results of your success, how you have got success in that field, and how you can help them too. And they will be easily ready to buy your courses and ebooks.

6. Become a Brand Ambassador

Sponsorships and becoming a brand ambassador is somewhat related to each other. It is just when you become a brand ambassador of any brand or company, you consistently promote the products in the long term and as compare to sponsorships, you will be paid more.

But, becoming a brand ambassador is not easy, it is very necessary to build personal branding before becoming a brand ambassador. You must have high engaging followers of profile. Brands search influencers on Instagram to promote their product.

Every social media influencer is on Instagram, and it is the reason why brands and companies always look for the influencer’s Instagram profile. Becoming a brand ambassador is one of the best online jobs to make money. Brands consistently give their products to their company’s ambassador so that they can use it and give a positive review to their followers.

7. Selling Shoutouts

If you have a build an Instagram Page with thousands of followers on it, it is time to make money from your Instagram Page. It is the most common way of Instagram to monetize your Instagram page but an efficient one also.

If you have 100K or more than it, you can easily earn more than $100 from selling shoutouts, if you have a nice engagement with your followers. An Instagram page with more than 1M followers easily generates $1000 daily from his Instagram page.

You can either directly approached people to sell the shoutouts or when your Instagram page will grow, people will themselves contact to give a paid shoutout to them.

You can also go on the Shoutcart, to buy and sell shoutouts from your Instagram and easily make money from it. Shoutcart is the website where you can buy and sell shoutouts to people according to your Instagram page valuation.

8. Sell Your Account

If you have ever tried to build a good account or page on Instagram and gain followers on your account, you may know how difficult is to grow on Instagram. And here you can make money from this problem.

A great amount of income can be generated from selling your Instagram. Since there are lots of ways to monetize or make money from your Instagram account, anyone can easily buy it, if you sell it in a good amount. Decide whether you can work with this idea or not and this is the reason behind mentioning this idea in the last of the article.

How to sell your Instagram Account?

If you want to sell your Instagram account, you can direct any approach to any person. Or, you can go on the website Social Tradia, it helps you sell and buy Instagram account. Submit the details of your account and it will price your account and contact you the details.

Top Instagram Influencers


To make money from Instagram, you have to first build good support from potential audiences. Because, to start any of the above business ideas you need a decent amount of engaging followers, so first focus more on building your Instagram account good.

What do you think about making money from Instagram? Let me know your reaction in the comment section and also comment which idea of making money from Instagram you like the most.


    • Yes, of course, you can try pixlr and lunapic if you want online. Or, if you want offline you can try as usual photoshop.


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