How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos


Youtube is the biggest video platform and 2nd biggest search engine all over the world.

Creating a video, editing it, and uploading it on Youtube is very difficult or very time-consuming work.

Let’s know what we are going to learn in this article and How to Make Money on Youtube without making videos :

How to Make Money on Youtube without making videos

If you have ever tried to start a Youtube channel, you might know how hard it is to start a youtube

But, how cool it will be if we can make money on Youtube without actually making videos on it.

People like Preston, Caleb Boxx, Matt Par already making more than $10,000 with this youtube automation idea without making their own video.

Yes, it’s possible. Let’s know how to do it.

So, basically youtube automation idea is all about hiring the people for video editing or recording because we will choose the niches that don’t require to show your face for recording.

How to Make Money on Youtube without showing your face

To make money from this idea you either need to invest some money or you have to work in the initial days.

There are lots of channels and niches on youtube where you don’t need to show your face for making youtube videos. That you are going to know very soon in this article.

As I already mentioned, to start this type of channel you either need some initial investment or hard work and time.

You can either hire a team at the cheaper price on the freelancing websites for editing, voice-over, and making thumbnails to work on your youtube automation idea.

Or, you can work hard in the initial days and as you start making money from this idea, you can hire a team later on.

As you need an only voice over to start these type of channels, you can pay someone to do voice over, editing of your videos. Since you are not showing your face, you do not need to make content on your own.

The only thing you have to do is just uploading and publishing videos along with writing titles, descriptions, tags, and subtitles. And, everything else will work on the youtube automation.

Yes, it is this much simple to make money from youtube with this youtube automation idea.

And you will easily start making thousands of dollars within 6 months. I know it’s difficult to accept. But, it works, give it a try.

There are lots of YouTubers who are making more than $10,000 from this youtube automation ideas.

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15 Niches to Make Money From Youtube without showing your face

There are many niches or ideas of videos that you can upload on Youtube without showing your face.

Along with niches, I have mentioned some youtube channels in particular niche and their earning so that you can get a quick idea of that niche.

Let’s what are those niches that doesn’t require video with your face

1. Gameplay

Many PC and android games are very hard to play and there are some levels on that game that is little bit difficult to play.

You can upload the game plays of game like Call of Duty, PUBG, GTA and other new games that you want.

This niche is very easy because you neither need face recording nor voiceover. Gameplay niche is an evergreen niche and it has very high potential to make money.

theRadBrad youtube channel publishes all the gameplay videos of trending games. According to Socialblade, theRadBrad earns in between $16.5K – $263.K with 65.83M monthly views

2. Sports

Sports in itself is a very big niche to make videos on it. You can make videos on Players, Games, Histories of Game.

Touchdown Central is a youtube channel that uploads videos on the sports niche in the Youtube. There are no requirements of showing your face, the only thing needed is voice over, which can be done by your team member.

According to SocialBlade, Touchdown Central earns between $186 – $3K with 745.083K monthly views.

3. Motivation

Everybody on the world needs motivation at sometime. You can make the videos on different motivation topics.

Motiversity is a youtube channel that uploads motivational videos on youtube. It uploads the video on different motivational topics and gain 1.4 M subscribers over there.

According to socialblade, Motiversity earns $1.8K – $28.1K with 7.022M monthly video views on Youtube.

4. Top 10

Top 10 niche is most trending topic to make video on the Youtube without showing your face. You can make videos on topics like Top 10 Fun Facts, Top 10 Cars, Top 10 watches.

It’s not important you must add “10” in your topic, you can add 7, 8 or 9, it depends on you.

There is a huge ocean to make videos on the Top 10 niche. You can a make-whole channel on every single topic. Personally, this niche is perfect to make more money.

MostAmazingTop10 is a youtube channel with over 6.5 M subscribers on Youtube. It covers all the topics and just Top 10 in it and makes money from it.

According to social blade, MostAmazingTop10 earns $7.2K – $115.8K with 28.938 M monthly views on it.

5. Facts

It is a very wide niche to make money from youtube. You can easily get topics in this niche.

You can make videos on Facts of places, Facts of Cars, Facts on anything, or much more. And, on every topic, you can even start a whole youtube channel.

FactTechz is a youtube channel that uploads a video on the fact of technology. According to social blade, it earns $9.7K – $154.5K from the youtube with estimated 38.632M  monthly views.

6. Quiz (1 million tests)

Quiz is a very interactive niche to uploads videos on the youtube channel. If you want a higher watchtime, this niche will be perfect for you.

There is a youtube channel 1 Million Tests with overall 642K Subscribers. It uploads video related to different quiz.

According to the social blade, it earns $788 – $12.6K with monthly 3.152M views on youtube.

7. Tech

Though, tech is very competitive niche to upload videos on the youtube, you can upload video on it and grow in this niche,=.

If you upload videos about any unique and new technology, your channel can easily grow.

TechZone is a tech youtube channel that uploads a video on cool gadgets, unique technology, innovative inventions. According to the social blade, it earns $4.3K – $69.5K on youtube with monthly 17.383 views

8. Product Review

Thousands of physical and digital products are available in the market. You can make the videos of those products and upload it on youtube.

Even with small number of subscribers, you can big amount of income through Youtube as well as affiliate marketing.

There is no specific sub-niche in this niche, you can make a review on health products, digital products, tech products.

Since, you can earn money from affiliate marketing too along with Google Adsense, it has more potential for earning money.

9. Psychology

It is the most wanted niche, since every person on the internet search one time about psychology due to some reasons.

To grow in this niche, you have to make a thorough and deep video so that your message can reach to your audience.

Practical Psychology is a youtube channel that uploads full informative on the youtube about Psychology. According to Social Blade, it has 1.85 million subscribers and earns $182 – $2.9K with 727.096K monthly views.

10. How to tutorials

How to tutorials is another wide niche, you have lots of topics to make video on the youtube channel.

You can make videos on how to loss weight, how to make money online, everything in the internet can be covered by how to tutorials niche.

HowToBasics is a youtube channel that uploads videos on how-to tutorials. It earns $13K – $207.7K with estimated 51.933M monthly views.

11. Meditation

Meditation is something that is very important to relax in your life. There is a huge market gap for the guide of meditation, there is a high demand for meditation, and resources for its guide is limited.

You can fill that market gap by uploading the videos on meditation and yoga. There are different types of meditations and yoga that you can covered on your YouTube channel.

Meditative Mind is a youtube channel with 3.15 million subscribers and uploads video on the guide of meditation. It earns $4K – $63.8K with 15.953M monthly views on Youtube.

12. Luxury (

People are excited and interested to see about the luxury cars, luxury bikes and luxury lifestyle.

You can make a youtube channel on the Luxury life. is a youtube channel and it uploads video on the luxury bags, luxury watches, luxury lifestyle. The great part is you do not need to show your face. has its website too and it diverts it website visitors into the youtube channel and boost its income.

According to the Social Blade, has 3 million subscribers on youtube and earn $2K – $31.2K with 7 million monthly views on youtube.

13. Scary

Scary is a niche that people do not want to watch but they do. It has a huge potential to grow on the Youtube.

You can upload videos on the Scary Hills, Scary Palace, Scary Movies, Scary Incidents, Scary Person, Scary Movie moments,

Mr. Nightmare is a youtube channel that uploads videos about scary things and has more than 5.03 million subscribers. It earns $2.2K – $35.3K with 8.825M monthly views.

14. Statistical

Statistical is something that comes in used at sometime. At the corona time, this niche had very high potential to grow on Youtube.

You can upload the videos on the population of different countries, the economy of different countries, and make a live chart of that. If you do not even have more subscribers, you can earn a decent amount of dollars.

WawamuStats is a youtube channel that uploads video related to statics. It has more than 328K subscribers and earns $2.2K – $35.3K with 8.825M monthly views.

15. Movie and Tv Shows

Movie and Tv shows is very popular niche. You can get million of views in this niche without lots of hard work.

You can upload about the Movie and Tv Shows, Best Movie, Best Movie moments and generate thousands of dollars from the youtube.

Looper is a youtube channel that uploads about the movie and tv shows. It earn $7.3K – $117.5K from youtube monthly with approximately 29.363M monthly views.

How to Make Money from other Youtube videos

Yes, it is possible to make money on youtube by uploading other youtube videos.

Don’t Worry, you will not get any copyright strike.

Let’s know how to find those types of video that you can upload again on Youtube.

Step 1 : Choose Your Niche

There are many videos on Youtube that crossed millions of views. But, you can’t publish all the videos in just one youtube channel.

It is very important to make your youtube channel a niche based youtube channel. If you constantly upload videos around some niche, there are more chances that your video will reach to more people.

You can start with any niche like cooking, gaming, statistics ( for reference you can choose any of the niches from the above headings).

Step 2 : Create a YouTube Channel

To upload and publish videos on Youtube, you need your own youtube channel, so first of all create a youtube channel.You can easily create a youtube channel with the helps of Gmail Account.

After creating a Youtube Channel, give your youtube channel a name. And upload its channel art and cover photo.

Step 3 : Choose Your Targeted Keywords

For making money from Youtube through Google Adsense, you need a keyword that can generate a massive traffic to your videos and generate thousands of dollars for you.

For that, you need to do keyword research.

Keyword Research is a process of finding and extracting keywords that have massive search volume and easy to rank.

For keyword research, you need a keyword research tool that will extract keywords with volume and CPC Rate for you.

If you are uploading videos on any events or Festival, you can use Google Trends, it tells you whether the keywords are in trend or not. You can also compare two keywords to see which one is in trend.

You can use Ahrefs Free Youtube Keyword Research Tool, Semrush Youtube Keyword Research Tool, or any other tool for extracting keywords of your niche with high volume search and CPC rate.

Now, type a seed keyword in the search bar of tool and select some selective keywords for you that have high search volume, CPC Rate, and low keyword difficulty.

To find the tags for any specific keywords for which you want to rank on Youtube, you can use TubeBuddy Tag Explorer, it provides you all the tags that helps you to rank your video on Youtube.

Step 4 : Find the Videos that You can Upload

After doing proper keyword research, you have to find the video that somebody else has published and you can upload again on your youtube channel without getting a copyright strike and enable monetization.

On youtube there are many videos that crossed million of views. And, you can easily make money by uploading those videos again.

Since, you don’t need to make your own videos on Youtube. You can find the videos on the youtube that you can upload again and enable monetization on it.

To find those types of video, go on youtube and click on the search bar. And type any topic on it that you want.

Now click on the filter button and tap on the creative commons button.

Creative Common

You must have a doubt,”What is creative common ?

On Youtube when a YouTuber uploads a video and makes it creative commons, it means anyone can use it for fair use without getting a strike on their youtube channel.

Now, you will get all the videos on Youtube for the keyword you search. You can upload these videos on your Youtube channel and enable monetization on your videos.

Step 5 : Monetize Your Youtube Videos

In this method, you can either make money through Google Adsense or little bit Affiliate Marketing.

The reason I am saying ” little bit” is you are uploading someone’s videos so there will be a trust issue and affiliate marketing is a big game of trust.

But, you can make generate a eat amount of dollars with the help of Google Adsense. Google Adsense shows the ads on your youtube channel and youtube pay you 55% of that amount and keep 45%.

If you do a proper keyword research and keep high CPC Rate in your mind. You will make more money as compared to other keywords.

Create a account on Google Adsense and after crossing 4000 Hours of Watchtime and 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel, you can connect your google adsense account with youtube channel.

And after that, google adsense will review your channel. You will get approved if your youtube channel doesn’t break youtube community guidelines and if you do, your account will get disapproved.

Now, its your chance to make money from this idea. Go on youtube, find the topic and videos that are in trend and make money from it.


I really hope you like the idea of Youtube Automation Idea, making money by uploading other youtube videos again and niches that doesn’t require to show your face.

Now I want to know what do you think about this idea:

Let me know on what niche you are going to upload the videos on Youtube.

Go on a comment section and leave a comment if you may have a question or opinion about making money from Youtube without making videos, it will be appreciated.


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