Is WikiBuy Legit? – WikiBuy Review – Is Wikibuy Worth to Use?


This is the most comprehensive review of Wikibuy. I will also tell you is wikibuy legit or not.

As you probably know that it is very hard to find the genuine app that can help you to get cashbacks.

But, wikibuy is far better than cashback app, it is much more than a cashback app. Its different feature helps to get better deal for online shopping.

So if you want to know more about Wikibuy, this post is for you.

What is WikiBuy?

Wikibuy is a popular app and extension that helps you to get cashback, deals, and offers when you shop online. Wikibuy is owned by Capital One Company.

Wikibuy has lots of useful features such as WikiBuy Universal Product Search and WikiBuy Price Drop Alerts. Because of these useful features, Wikibuy is one of the best cashback apps for online shopping.

You’ve seen that many Amazon Sellers sell the same product at different prices on Amazon. For this, wikibuy compares the price of the same product on Amazon to get the lowest price.

Along with these all useful features, it also helps to find the best coupon code to save extra money for online shopping. It automatically applies the coupon code on product once you reach the checkout page.

If you’ll use wikibuy, you don’t need any other app to use for saving money on online shopping.

How does WikiBuy Work?

To use Wikibuy, download the WikiBuy app or its extension that is available on Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Wikibuy helps you to get better deals and offers when you shop on Amazon or at Wikibuy directly. Once, you’ll choose what you want to buy, it automatically tries to find out the different deals and shows you the best offers for you.

You can also see how much money you have saved until now with the help of Wikibuy.

Now, let’see the useful features of Wikibuy that helps you to save money.

1. WikiBuy Univeral Product Search

One of the best tool of Wikibuy is wikibuy universal product search. Now, you don’t need to search the same product at different stores just to see the lowest price of that product.

Wikibuy Universal Product Search can easily help you to do that. It helps users to find the lowest price of any product by comparing the price of the same product at different stores.

WikiBuy Universal Product Search

You can select the price range of product to see only those product which is available at your budget or price range. You can also select your favorite brands to see the products of your favorite brands only.

To save money on your favourite product, just click on your product and click on save money to save money from the best offers. You can also see the relevant alternative of that product.

2. Wikibuy Trending Deals

Just like other money-saving apps, Wikibuy also provides the section of “Trending Deals” where you can get the best deals and offers at specific brands and products.

Along with Trending Deals, you also get a section of Today’s featured offers where you get featured offers that are available for specific days.

But, wikibuy also helps to save money for online shopping. To save money while offline shopping, just visits the Wikibuy Local Deals, and list of the best local offers will be mentioned there.

WikiBuy Local Offers

You can go to these stores and buy whatever you want to buy at special offers. But to get the benefit of these special offers, you have to link your card with your Wikibuy account. You can earn 4% or more in loyalty credits for shopping at local businesses.

Now, whenever you will make a purchase at any participating local retailers, you’ll receive an automatic credit, similar to shopping online with Wikibuy. Once you will reach the certain limit of wikibuy credits, you can exchange your credits for gift cards through your Wikibuy portal.

3. Wikibuy Price Drop Alerts

If you want to buy the product at the best price, wikibuy price drop alerts option is for you. Just go to any product that you want to buy and click on W+ to add that particular product into your watchlist

Once you add that product to your watchlist, Wikibuy will start tracking the price of products those are added in the watchlist for 60 days on different retailers and inform you when the price of those products will drop.

You can set the products at particular sites and once the price of that product will be dropped, Wikibuy will notify you about that. And in this way you can easily a lot of money by buying the price at the lowest price.

It also tracks your history for products you view across multiple sites. You can visit your watchlist in your account to see if the price of any product has dropped on any of your recently-viewed items. 

You can also do this same thing with the help of Wikibuy extension to see price history of 365 days.

4. Automatic Coupon Codes

The main use of apps like Wikibuy is to get the best coupon codes to save your money while you shop online. But, wikibuy is one step ahead, you don’t need to copy and paste the codes or search the codes in the Wikibuy, it automatically apply the best coupon codes for you.

Once you have added the extension into your browser, go to the site and try to make any purchase. As you will try to buy the product, a pop-up will appear and Wikibuy will automatically apply the best coupon code available on that product and site.

Just click the coupon button and Wikibuy will automatically scan each coupon to see which one can give you the best deal for a specific purchase.

In the end, once the coupon is applied to particular purchase , you’ll get another pop-up that tells you whether or not any of the coupons worked, how much money you saved, and when your credit will be added in your Wikibuy account.

5. Compare Prices on Amazon

This feature is more useful when you don’t want to visit the Wikibuy site every time to buy any product. You can compare the price of that product without visiting the Wikibuy sites or app.

Before using this feature, make sure you have install wikibuy extension into your browser.

Just go on the product page on Amazon and below the original price of that product that is available on the Amazon, you’ll also get a price of the same product that is available on the Wikibuy.

If that price button turns into the green button, it means the same product is available on any other merchant or retailer at a much better price. To know about that merchant and how much money you can save, click on that green button and you’ll get the full insight.

6. WikiBuy Credits

Along with these useful features, it has one more feature just like money-making apps. Whenever you’ll purchase any product with the help of Wikibuy, you get the Wikibuy credits.

To redeem these wikibuy credits, click on the “Redeem Credit” button under your account drop-down. You can redeem these points into different gift cards like Walmart, Lowe’s, Sephora, and Wayfair.

There is no option available for the Amazon Gift card at the time of writing the article.

Pros and Cons of WikiBuy

Pros of WikiBuy

  • Automatically apply coupon code
  • Free to use
  • Compare different prices of same product
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and Secure

Cons of WikiBuy

  • Prefer eBay (most of the time)
  • Sometimes Wikibuy refers to expensive deals
  • Track your online activities
  • Gift card options are limited

Wikibuy traces your online activities and collect your personal information. Though Wikibuy does not sell your information to the ad agency nor misuse it, but still if you’re concern about your personal information then you must use different apps like Honey, Rakuten.

WikiBuy Mobile vs Wikibuy Desktop

Wikibuy has both an android app as well as chrome extension and site. Its desktop version works well. But, it’s mobile works sometime more clunky.

Wikibuy mobile has a feature of ” Mobile Comparison” where you can directly get the link of best price. You just need to text the name of product to Wikibuy and they will send you the link. But, for me, sometimes it doesn’t work well and redirects me to high price.

For me, the desktop version works better as compared to that of Wikibuy Mobile Version.

Is WikiBuy safe?

Wikibuy is totally safe to use. You can safely use Wikibuy to save money for online shopping. Already, millions of people trust Wikibuy because of its genuine deals and coupon codes.

Also, it has very trustworthy relationships with popular e-commerce stores to provide you best deals and offers, it is associated with Amazon Affiliate Programs which creates trust for wikibuy users to shop from Wikibuy.

According to WikiBuy policy, Wikibuy collects your personal and non-personal information that includes user-provided information, retail account log-in credentials, social media data, payment information, transaction data, as well as other information.

It collects your information just to provide you the best deals and offers near you. It doesn’t share any information with other affiliate or non-affiliated companies to market to you.

So if you’re worried about sharing your personal information with ad agnecy, you don’t need to worry about it, Wikibuy doesn’t share any information with any ad marketing agency.

Is WikiBuy Safe?

Is WikiBuy legit?

Yes, Wikibuy is legit. Wikibuy is owned by the Capital One Company and it is safe to use. Wikibuy offers only good deals and coupons that are genuine and worth to use.

Also, it is considered as one of the best cashback apps for online shopping because of its unique features such as Wikibuy Price Drop Alerts and Automatic Coupons that helps a lot to save money. You can easily save money on online shopping with the help of WikiBuy.

Also, it has an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau and a strong rating on Trustpilot of 4.6 out of 5 stars. So you don’t have to worry about signing up on it. Wikibuy is legit, you can safely use it.

Is WikiBuy Legit?

Is WikiBuy Worth it?

Yes, wikibuy is worth to use. Wikibuy is free to sign up and use. Wikibuy helps to get best coupons, deals and offers. Wikibuy is totally worth to use because of its different useful features like Wikibuy Universal Product Search, Wikibuy Featured Offers, Wikibuy Coupon Codes, Price Drop Alerts, Wikibuy Credits and Wikibuy Trending Deals.

How does WikiBuy Make Money?

Wikibuy is an app and popular chrome extension that helps people to save money for online shopping by providing the best deals and offers. Its both mobile app, as well as a chrome extension, are free to use, there are no extra subscriptions or plans to use it.

Wikibuy does not own any stores, it helps other e-commerce stores like Amazon to increase their sales by sending people to their stores. Whenever you click on any product from Wikibuy, you’ll be redirected to any e-commerce stores like Amazon through the Wikibuy link.

If you’ll buy any product through this link, Wikibuy will get a commission from Amazon at your every purchase. For every product and brand, there is a specific commission. In the way, Wikibuy makes money by increasing affiliate sales.

Bottom Line for WikiBuy

Wikibuy is one of the best cashback apps to save money for online shopping. Wikibuy is safe, legit, and worth to use.

If you start using the Wikibuy app, you will not need any other app to save money for online shopping. Wikibuy has all the features and tools that require to save money for shopping. So if don’t want to use multiple apps for saving your money, you can use Wikibuy.

Also, Wikibuy collects your information just to provide you the best deals and offers at local stores that are located near you. Wikibuy is associated with Amazon Affiliate Program so it can lead to a trust issue.

For this, you can manually check the offers and deals that are offered by the Wikibuy to know whether the recommended price is low or not.

Or, if you don’t want to use Wikibuy, you can also use its other alternative apps like Paribus, Honey, Rakuten, Shopkick. All the apps provide useful features to save money.

In the end, it is worth checking the Wikibuy because it’s free to use.


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