An Ultimate Guide on Saving Money – Money Saving Tips


This is the most comprehensive guide on saving your money. I will cover everything from making a budget to special saving money tips.

As you probably know it is very hard to save your money and it becomes more difficult due to low income or a tight budget. Since you have already limited income, it sounds impossible to save money.

But once you understand how to save your money you can easily save a great amount of money for your future and achieve your goals.

So if you want to know more about saving money and tips of saving money, this post is for you.

Let’s get know more about saving money.

Start Using Cashback Apps

To save money for shopping, you need to start using different cashback apps that help to get cashback, deals, and offers when you shop.

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Wikibuy is a cashback app that helps to get cashback, deals and offers when you shop. It helps you to give you as much as lower price possible on the sites like Amazon and Ebay.

It is free to signup and use. You can easily install its app as well as a chrome extension or you can visit the Wikibuy site. Wikibuy is totally legit, it is owned by the Capital One (American Company).

Wikibuy has different useful feature like Wikibuy Universal Product Search, Wikibuy Trending Deals, Wikibuy Price Drop Alerts, Price Comparison on Amazon.

With the help of Wikibuy Universal Product Search, you can search thousands of products at one place and shop any product that you want.

My favourite tools of Wikibuy are Wikibuy Price Drop Alerts and Price Comparison on Amazon. Wikibuy price drop alerts notify you when the price of the product that you want is decreased.

Price Comparison on Amazon helps you to get as much as a lower price on Amazon.

Use Automatic Savings App

Acorns is one of the best micro-savings apps that helps you to save as well as invest your money. It is one of my favorite apps to save money in daily life.

The only thing that I don’t like about Acorns App is that it is only best for micro savings app since you can buy its normal subscriptions in $1 to $5 a month.

Acorns has different useful features like Acorns Found Money and Acorns Round-Up that helps to save your money.

Acorns Round-Up is one of my favourite feature of Acorns to save your money without even feeling that you’re saving money.

Whenever you buy anything from your acorns linked card, Acorns will automatically round-up your purchase and transfer that money into your Acorns core account.

For example, if you buy a product of $1.9 from Acorns linked card, Acorns will automatically take $0.1 into your Acorns core account and this way with little saving, you can build great amount of savings.

Acorns has another useful feature i.e. Acorns Found Money that helps you to get cashback, deals, and offers at Acorns partnered stores. It has different popular stores where you can easily shop and save your money.

But when you start saving and invest your money in a large amount, you need to pay a higher amount of fee which is not worth it. So if you want to do only micro-savings in your daily life, you must use Acorns.

Pay Off Your Debt

If you’re really serious about saving your money, you need to pay off your all debt. I know it is one of the difficult things but if you will follow the proper strategy, you can pay off your debt within a or two years.

For me, the most effective way of paying off your debt quickly is to first understand your debt and decide which strategy will work for me.

You can’t always debt snowball method, debt avalanche method or balance transfer credit card.

No, I am not saying this method don’t work. But for different financial situation different method works.

There is no one universal method to pay off your debt. You need to first understand your debt, ask yourself the reason for being into the debt, and how much amount of debt you have.

The reason can be anything, sometimes it may be medical issues, or may be you are into the debt because of low income.

Once you have found the reason for being into debt and the amount of debt you have, it’s the time to apply different strategies and methods available near you.

Simplify Your Finances

To effectively save your money, you need to simplify your finances so that you can easily see the opportunity of saving money.

Let’s quickly see how to simplify your finances.

To simplify your finances, first of all, consolidate all your bank and retirement accounts. If you have multiple banks and retirement account, you’ll have more paperwork as well as more service charges.

In such a case, it will be very beneficial to consolidate all bank and retirements account into a single account. It will not only you to prevent the service charges but also helps you to easily manage your bank and retirement account.

Try to move your all debt into one debt so that you can easily focus on it. To simplify your finance, just try to consolidate different things into one thing as much as you can.

Bottom Line for Saving Money.

Here, you have the most comprehensive guide on saving your money. I try to cover the different possible aspects of saving money.

In short:

If you want to save your money, you need to make proper strategies. Find the opportunity where you can save your money and think how you can save money from that opportunity.

Now I would like to know what do you think.

Which Strategy are you going to try?

Are you going to pay off all your debt?

Or maybe you are going to use automatic savings app.

Either way, let me know your opinion in the comments section below.


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